1. Delivery in 24 hours
2. Product customisation
3. Product ranges
4. Technical support network management
5. Contract printing
6. Exclusive services

1. We have launched a new delivery service. Upon request, we can deliver within 24 hours at a price to be agreed.

2. We have created a department fully dedicated to companies requiring product customisation.
Micromic helps you provide your customers with high quality and highly saleable products through a bespoke service that includes the following:
• Customised label printing
• packaging customization
• Creation of customised display cases
• planning and development cutomized graphic design.

3. Our consolidated presence on the market has allowed us to expand our range of products,making it complete and diversified, allowing customers to find more and more.

4. We have been managing Sodastream spare parts logistics for over 3 years with excellent results. We also pay special attention to processing orders for technical support centres;
These results have attracted numerous requests from other major brands. Negotiations for other potential partnerships are currently underway.

5. Our experience in the design of spare parts has allowed us to gain knowledge in the creation of moulds. We have also been contract mould manufacturers for a few years now. Our clients include small factories, artisans and manufacturers of small home appliances and other products, such as engine damper supports, plastic parts for hairdresser equipment, loudspeaker casing, hinges for small ovens, and rubber feet for chairs.

6. For many years important manufacturers, such as Campini, Ceme, Ulka, and Sodastream, have entrusted us with the exclusive distribution of their products, inspired above all by our ability to distribute products throughout the entire country, thanks to widespread coverage guaranteed by our agents.