Micromic S.r.l. was established in 1980 in the home appliance spare parts sector and it distinguished itself straight away with its idea of creating the macro sector of spare parts for small appliances, such as coffee machines, irons, mixers and vacuum cleaners. Thanks to this intuition on the market, it was quickly acknowledged as a leader in the sector, then becoming a distributor, not only for small and medium-sized clients, but also for other wholesalers.

Thanks to the significant results achieved, Micromic immediately established partnerships with important manufacturers such as Ceme solenoid valves, Ulka electric pumps, Campini thermostats and various others, managing to secure exclusive distribution in the sector.

Shortly thereafter, the company also started production of the first adaptable components, immediately realising that this could have been another strong point. In a few years, Micromic developed a range of adaptable components thanks to synergies with important factories, beeing also able to wide his range including plastic, metal, resistances, vacuum cleaner motors and much more, setting up a technical and quality control department.

As the years passed, customers appreciated products quality more and more, especially appreciating competitive prices and leading the company to become “the wholesaler

Micromic manages a warehouse of more than 5000 m2 and boasts a high percentage of shipments, even for large quantities. This and other features led Micromic to become a benchmark even for larger facilities. Always seeking new sectors in which to invest, six years ago, in the occasion of first Venditalia trade fair, the company starded operating in the OCS Vending sector, applying all experience gained over the years and presenting a catalogue containing most important manufacturers best-sellers . with the philosophy that has always distinguished it - distribution of parent company products and production of adaptable components.

Thanks to a continuosly updated range, Micromic is always able to handle market needs and to satisfy most important customers requests, developping for them personalised projects. Last but not least, the company can rely on area managers both in Italy and abroad who are always ready to provide assistance in real time for any need.